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SRM Whitepaper


eAuctions from Due North

Managed eAuctions with Due North's expert team

Run a managed eAuction with the Due North professional services team, our in-house experts who have run hundreds of eAuctions for our customers

Only pay for your auction when you save on benchmarked pricing!


e-Procurement Systems

eSourcing, eAuction, Contract Management & Spend Analysis Solutions

Due North is a leading provider of eSourcing and Contract Management solutions, deployed by over 200 public, private and not for profit organisations. Our eSourcing, eAuction, Contract Management and Spend Analysis solutions help alleviate the pressures faced by procurement professionals when purchasing and managing supplier relationships.

Established over 12 years, Due North have been at the forefront of the growing trend towards moving traditional procurement practises online and our proprietary cloud based solutions lead the way in this now crowded eProcurement software market.

The benefits of our specialist eProcurement systems are numerous and customers who take advantage of the rapid deployment we can offer can expect to see a return on investment (ROI) within 12 months. Furthermore the cost savings through procurement via eAuctions can be as high as 45% and this is why Due North are trusted by over 300 customer organisations across Local Government, Government Arms Length bodies, NHS, Police, Fire & Rescue Service, Utilities, Education, Housing Associations and Charities.

Quick Facts:

  • 21,000 professional procurement users
  • 200,000 registered suppliers
  • £93 billion of procurement spend managed in 2014/15

To learn more about what we do take a look through our supplier relationship management solutions and download our free online resources such as our contract management white paper and eAuctions factsheet. You can also see how existing Due North users have benefited from our e-procurement systems by viewing the case studies below:


See how Due North users have benefited:

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Innocent case study Spirit Pub
Innocent case study british-heart-foundation

Met Office




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Whether you’d like to find out more about the practicalities of implementing our e-procurement solutions into your operation or you’re ready to maximise your success through partnering with Due North, contact us today and we’ll be happy to discuss your specific requirements.

eAuctions Factsheet


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